21st Century

2015 Oct 30, at Memorial for Lucy Garmon. From left: Michael Carpenter, LoraKim Joyner, Avery Carpenter, Alizon Garmon, Leora Carpenter, Mary Sue Burnett, Nick Burnett, Yency Contreras, Mimi Garmon, Steven Meredith Garmon, Toby Burnett, Charles Burnett, Morgen Stevens-Garmon, Jacquie Burnett, Susan Burnett Safford, Kaye Stevens, John Stevens-Garmon, Tawny Elgatian

Toby Burnett says:
Note that in the back row, the ties of both Steven Meredith Garmon and Charles Burnett present the Burnett colors, the plaid of the Scottish Burnett clan (a sub-clan of the Campbells who were mortal enemies of the McDonalds). Those ties were a present from Peg Burnett, mother of Lucy Burnett Garmon and myself. To my shame, in my old age and trip packing, I forgot my tie and had to wear a store-boughten tie. I am glad Meredith and Charles presented the Burnett colors at Lucy’s memorial.

As a post-script: The marriage of Lois Burnett, Lucy’s first cousin and childhood playmate, to Slim McDonald put an end to any Burnett-McDonald unfriendliness, at least in this country.

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