Moms and Moms of Moms

The maternal line of Steven Meredith Garmon (1959 - ) and Alizon Margaret Garmon (1963 - )

Our mother was Lucille Burnett (1936 - 2015).
Her mother was Mary Margaret Miller (1909 - 2004).
Her mother was Ethel Richardson (1881 - 1964).
Her mother was Lucy B. Hunter (1858 - 1925).
Her mother was Elizabeth Walker (1828 - 1890).
Her mother was Catherine Fritz (1801 - 1868).
Her mother was Susanna Palm (ca. 1770 - 1829).
Her mother was Magdalena Shaulis.
Her mother was Catherine Groff.

Thus Catherine Groff was my 7th-great-grandmother. I know the names of only three other 7th-great-grandmothers:
  • Christina Kern (1709 - 1750): Susanna Palm's father's mother. (Christina Kern married John Palm. Their son, [Hans] Adam Palm, married Magdalena Shaulis and was the father of Susanna Palm.)
  • Barbara Meyer: Catherine Fritz's father's father's mother.(Barbara Meyer married Johan Peter Fritz, Sr. Their son, Christian Wilhelm Fritz [1744 - 1797], married Eva Margaretha Dorworthan [1742 - 1817]. Their son, Valentine Fritz [1771 - 1833] married Susanna Palm and was the father of Catherine Fritz.)
  • Barbara Laubinger: Elizabeth Walker's father's father's father's mother. (Barbara Laubinger married George Michael [or Jerg Michel] Walker [or Wacker]. Their son, Georg Jacob Walker (1740 - 1783), married Elizabeth Kuhlman [or Coleman] [b. 1743]. Their son, Jacob Walker II (1770 - 1843), married Catherine Marker [1775 - 1857]. Their son, Jacob Walker III (1799 - 1881), married Catherine Fritz and was the father of Elizabeth Walker.)
I suppose I have 252 other 7th-great-grandmothers. But maybe not. Queen Elizabeth II of England is married to her 3rd cousin, and marriage among relations that distant or more (or even less) also occurred among the peasant stock, so maybe some women occupy more than one of my 256 slots for 7th-great-grandmothers.

My records also include the name of one 8th-great-grandmother: Sybilla Speltman. She was Susanna Palm's father's father's mother. (Sybilla Speltman married Matthias Palm. Their son was the John Palm who married Christina Kern.)

Sybilla Speltman is as far back as I can go. She was my mother's mother's mother's mother's mother's mother's mother's father's father's mother.

Elizabeth Walker, my 3rd-great-grandmother, brought with her, and passed on, more complete ancestry information than any of my other 32 3rd-great-grandparents. The 4 of 256 7th-great-grandmothers I can name are 4 of the 8 2nd-great-grandmothers of Elizabeth Walker.
The missing 2nd-great-grandmothers are:

  • EW's mother's father's mother's mother (Eva Margaretha Dorworthan's mother).
  • EW's father's father's mother's mother (Elizabeth Kuhlman/Coleman's mother).
  • EW's father's mother's father's mother (Henry Marker's mother).
  • EW's father's mother's mother's mother (Catherine Marker's maternal grandmother).

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